After a long, long delay, I have started putting together my new web site and a focus on my online services. Why has it taken this long? I am not sure. The focus on my work has not been 100% and therefore I have tended to work on the client stuff I already have without thinking about getting myself out there.

Whats New?

I have purchased some new tools to help rapid development of my WordPress websites with better customisation and the ability to make more complex web sites without spending time coding and recoding the same things over and over. This means I can offer more for less cost over the long term. It also means that I can confidently move into areas I haven't done before.

In the up coming weeks I will be putting together new packages and pricing which I hope will draw my clients. I also hope that it will be seen that I can offer a little bit more than some companies that rely on moving your web site to their specific hosting and capturing you as a client. I am a firm believer that your web site is your business and I will accommodate your needs and expectations.

I will also be drawing up some articles based around my experiences with the new tools and other features that I have discovered over the last 12 months. This will be mainly to benefit myself but also those who are interested in building web sites that don't fit the norm.